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64 x 128 Graphical TDR Toner with 1% accuracy
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The TX2002 is a professional Graphical Time Domain Reflectometer designed to detect and locate faults on copper communication cables up to a distance of 3500m (11,700ft). In addition to the TDR capabilities of the TX2002, a built in tone generator (oscillator) can be used to transmit a warbling tone into the cable, or pairs within the cable, enabling detection, tracing, and pair identification using a standard probe receiver.

The combination of these two functions within one cable fault locating product enables the communication engineer to reduce the number of separate test instruments required, and therefore provides a more cost effective and convenient solution.

The TX2002 is housed in a rugged, custom designed enclosure, manufactured from flame retardant ABASE, and incorporating dust and waterproof protection to IMP 54 to ensure it meets the tough demands of field use. The TX2002 is also approximately half the size of competitive units making it more convenient to carry and use.

With UK list price of £499.00, the TX2002 sits at between half and two thirds the list prices of the closest competitive products, and contains the additional toner function, not currently available in any competitive units.

The TX2002 is aimed at all communications engineers and technicians, telecom fault teams and linesman, and contractors to the communication industries.

More broadly, target end users include Telecom Companies (RBOC's, CLEC's, PTT's, etc.), Cable Television (CATV) and Cable Internet Service Providers, as well as Government and Military organisations.

Product Advantages

  • Graphical TDR Cable Fault Locator and Toner in One Instrument
  • Approximately Half the Size, Weight, and Cost of other TDR's
  • Ultra-Bright 64 x 128 Electroluminescent LCD
  • Rugged Custom Enclosure designed for Field Use
  • Dust and Waterproof to IP54
Key Saleable Features

Cable Fault Location up to 3500m (11,700ft)
e TX2002 can locate the presence of cable faults, including shorts, opens, taps, splices, water ingress and other impedance anomalies, on copper communication cables up to a distance of 3500m (11,700ft)

Suitable for all types of Communication Cable
The TX2002 has selectable 50, 75 and 100 Ohm impedance ranges making it suitable for use on all types of metallic communication cable including Coaxial and Twisted Pair. Velocity of propagation is variable between 1% and 99%, in 1% increments.

Auto Ranging Scale linked to Cursor Position
The TX2002 has five measurement ranges, the most appropriate of which is automatically selected by the instrument dependent on the position of the cursor. This function reduces the time spent in the field locating the cable fault or anomaly.

Built in Tone Generator (Oscillator)
With a built in tone generator, injecting an oscillating signal between 810Hz and 1110Hz onto the cable under test, the operator can trace the cable and also identify pairs within a bundle, using a standard tone probe. This function removes the need for a separate toner, which is both more convenient and cost effective.

Single Shot or Continuous Sampling Output Pulse
For simple faults the TX2002 can be used in Single Shot mode where a test pulse is only transmitted each time a cursor key is pressed. This function conserves battery life. For more elusive faults the test button can be held down, whereby the TX2002 will transmit 6.7 test pulses per second. This rate is 6.7 times that of most equivalent competitive products, and makes the TX2002 more likely to identify intermittent faults.

Ultra-Bright 64 x 128 Electroluminescent LCD
The TX2002 features an ultra-bright 64 x 128 electroluminescent LCD ensuring that the instrument display is clearly visible under all lighting conditions and with adequate pixel resolution to ensure accurate fault location

Built into a Tough Water & Dust Proof ABS Enclosure
The TX2002 is built into a custom designed ABS enclosure capable of withstanding a drop of 1m onto concrete. It also incorporates an impact resistant ABS display window and is protected against the ingress of dust and water to IP54. These qualities ensure the suitability and survival of the product under extreme field conditions

Features, Advantages, Benefits

F The smallest and lightest Graphical TDR in its class.
Takes up less space than equivalent products.
Easier and more convenient to carry and use.

F Combines the functionality of a TDR and Toner in one unit.
Eliminates the need to have and carry a separate TDR and Toner.
Saves on Money and Space and is more convenient.

F Auto ranging capability.
Eliminates the need for the operator to manually change ranges.
B Speeds up testing time and therefore reduces down time and costs

F Single shot or 6,7pulses per second testing.
Enable the operator to select appropriate mode for testing.
Increases battery life and enables intermittent fault location.

F Ultra-Bright Electroluminescent LCD
Instrument display is visible under all lighting conditions.
Ensure readability in bright sunlight or dark cupboards.

F 64 x 128 Pixel Display Resolution
Draws a high quality fault trace on the display.
Ensures accurate cursor positioning and accuracy of measurements.

F Variable Velocity of Propagation.
Allows the operator to set the Vp (speed that a pulse travels along a cable) according to the cable insulation material.
B Ensures accurate fault distance indication for all types of cable insulation.

F Selectable Cable Impedance.
Allows the output of the TDR to be precisely matched to the impedance of the cable under test ensuring all of the transmitted pulse enters the cable.
B The greater the transmitted pulse entering the cable the larger the amplitude of the reflected pulses, allowing greater fault distances to be measured.

F Selectable Cable Impedance.
A Automatically removes the launch pulse from the TDR display.
B Reduces display clutter and eases identification of cable faults.

F User selectable units of distance measurement.
A Operator can set the instrument to operate in metres or feet.
B Enables the distance to the fault to be displayed in the units most desired.

F Housed in a rugged, custom designed ABS enclosure.
Capable of withstanding a 1m drop onto concrete.
Makes the product suitable for real life field use.

F Housed in self-extinguishing flame retardant ABS case.
The product will not catch light in case of massive overload.
In case of accidental connection to a HV supply the operator remains protected.

F Ingress protected to IP54.
Protected against the ingress of Dust and Water.
Ensures that the product will not be damaged in dusty or wet conditions.

F Switched Mode Power Supply and Battery Management.
7.5 hours continuous use or 4000 hours standby from 4 AA cells.
Increased battery life reduces the cost of ownership.

F Automatic power down.
Instrument will automatically switch off after 3 minutes inactivity.
Conserves battery life.

F Complete with Tool Belt holster.
Protects the instrument and makes it easy to carry.
Leaves the operators hands free.

F Manufactured to International Standards.
Ensures Quality, Safety and Reliability.
Peace of mind for the discerning customer.

 A Short Note on TDRs

The TX2002 is used for cable fault locating on virtually all types of cable including twisted pair, coaxial, and parallel conductor.


The TX2002 transmits pulses of a known shape and amplitude into one end of a cable that travel along the cable at a speed determined by its velocity of propagation. Vp is a ratio of the speed of light.

As the pulses reach impedance changes in the insulation of the cable, indicative of a fault, reflections are caused that travel back along the cable and are identified by the TX2002.

The size, shape and general nature of the reflected pulses indicate the type of fault encountered, and the time taken for the pulse to be reflected enables an accurate measurement of distance to the fault to be determined.


Continuity and performance of service of modern communications systems is of paramount importance, and all new installations and modifications to existing installations must be tested to ensure trouble free operation. Additionally, in the case of a fault in the cable infrastructure, it is necessary to identify, locate and rectify the situation in as little time as possible, ensuring rapid return of the service.

These products are used by:

Electrical, Communication and Telecommunication Engineers and Contractors for testing cable installations as part of a routine preventative maintenance programme. In addition, during, or after work on, all new cable installations and modifications to existing cable installations, tests can be made to ensure performance criteria are met.

Personnel involved in the location of cable faults as part of a responsive or routine maintenance programme.

Electrical Inspectors performing quality checks following work on all new cable installations, and modifications to existing cable installations.

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