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Trackball Selection Guide
Useful hints and tips for selecting and using your trackball

  • Selecting your trackball: For office, education, library, military, light industrial or home use. For specialised application software, air traffic control, process control, etc.

  • Select models: X-Keys O-Trac Black or Beige (CST MaxTrac), X-Keys O-Trac Primary (CST Max KidTrac), or X-Keys L-Trac 1600 Black, X-Keys L-Trac 1600 Glow Blue or Glow Red.

  • Interface Select: USB or PS/2.

  • Choose your colour: black, beige or primary.

  • For Special Needs: all our trackballs are robust, smooth scrolling and easy to control. With their big buttons and large ball 2¼ inch ball (the size of a pool-table ball), they are are highly suitable for special needs applications.

    The X-Keys O-Trac Primary with its large coloured buttons is a great success in schools and special needs centres.

    The trackballs take less space than a mouse mat and are stable enough for people to use their feet to operate.

  • For Repetitive Strain Injury:The X-keys trackballs with their large buttons, large ball and palm rest enables different parts of the hand to be used, thus providing a change of posture and operating method to reduce the RSI cramp. It also enables the user to control the cursor directly and point and select with comfort, precision and speed.

    The relaxed posture which the trackballs provide, also prevents an RSI problem occurring.

  • Serious Gamers: X-Trac L-Trac 1600 cpi, or X-Trac L-Trac Glow Backlit trackballs, with scroll wheel, are seriously high performance fast dynamic trackballs.

  • Scroll feature allows effortless scrolling on web pages and large documents. Just press and hold the center button for three seconds to activate scrolling. Click any button to exit scroll mode (some models require loading included software for this feature).

  • Dynamic Gain feature allows you to accelerate the cursor exponentially as you roll the ball faster. Roll the ball slowly for single pixel accuracy.

  • Drag Lock lets you drag and drop without holding down a button. The center button, when clicked once, tells the system to select and hold the object until another button is clicked which releases the object.

  • Self-Cleaning: If the ball begins to feel rough after some use, spin the ball very fast in several directions. This will usually eject any dirt from the surface of the rollers. See manual for further information involving turning trackball upside down to remove 3 screws then back up again before removing the case. You can also replace the ball with an American pool table ball, it's the same size, for customizing your unit.

  • Replacing worn or bent rollers - same as cleaning the ball: you might need to change the stainless steel rollers in 5 or 6 years time, just email us with your address.

  • Switching left to right hand use - hold down for 3 seconds.

  • Driver not required - uses MS mouse driver in the kernel of the operating system.

  • Superior-X Button Control software (included), allows the user to set different button settings on any button, depending on the application. This allows control of applications, such as media players, directly from the trackball (volume control via scroll wheel, etc.), putting maximum control at your fingertips. Superior-X also allows keystrokes to be recorded and played back with the click of a button, allowing repetitive application tasks to be completed quickly. This performance coupled with the natural contour of the L-Trac, makes these trackballs a must for all applications including general computing, gaming and Computer Aided Design (CAD). CAD users love it because you can drag a line one pixel even on today's high resolution displays of 1900X1080. Then, with a button stroke, they can fly around the screen to get general tasks done. Game players have called it an "Almost unfair advantage", citing the fingertip control and precision, high performance tracking.

  • Technical stuff - We supply X-Keys CST trackballs manufactured by PI Engineering and for Europe they are manufactured to RoHS compliance (the R on the model number indicates this) and are EU Marked. All electrical goods imported into the EU must be RoHS compliant, it's the law and helps save the planet.

For any other questions please call Christeen Alexander +44 (0)118 977 5710
or email: - we like to hear from all our customers.

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