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Digital TDR Cable Length Meter & Fault Locator
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The FaultCaster is a professional handheld Digital Time Domain Reflectometer designed to detect and locate faults on all types of cable up to a distance of 2000m (6000ft).

Fast-Edge Step TDR technology enables the FaultCaster to identify opens and short circuits, and directly indicate the fault distance on an alpha-numeric LCD, with better range and resolution than existing products.

An internal library of standard cable types enables accurate measurements on cables without the necessity of entering Velocity Factor information.

In the event that the FaultCaster is connected to a live cable, a warning will be displayed, an alarm tone sounded and testing inhibited.

The FaultCaster incorporates an oscillating tone generator that is detectable using a standard tone probe for use in the tracing and identification of pairs within a cable.

It is housed in a tough, ruggedised ABS plastic moulding, water and dust proof to IP54, and is supplied complete with test leads and a protective tool-belt holster.

The FaultCaster is designed and manufactured to international standards for quality, safety and reliability.

The FaultCaster is aimed at all communications engineers and technicians, telecom fault teams and linesmen, and contractors to the communication industries.

More broadly, target end users include Telecom Companies (RBOC's, CLEC's, PTT's, etc.), Cable Television (CATV) and Cable Internet Service Providers, as well as Government and Military organisations.

The FaultCaster is also aimed at Network Installers and General Electrical Contractors.

Product Features
  • Low Cost Full Specification Professional Digital TDR
  • Measures Distance to Open or Short Circuit Faults
  • Extended Measuring Range to 2000m (6,000ft) on all cable types
  • Fast-Edge Step TDR technology for improved range and resolution
  • Voltage Warning and Test Inhibit
  • Incorporates a Tone Generator for use in Cable Tracing and Identification
  • Rugged and Compact at 350g (12oz)
  • Water and Dust Proof to IP54
  • Supplied complete with tool-belt holster and test leads


Key Sales Points

Low Cost Full Specification Professional Digital TDR
The FaultCaster provides a low cost solution to the identification and location of common cable faults without compromising product features, quality or reliability.

Measures Distance to Open or Short Circuit Faults
The FaultCaster gives a direct and clear indication of the nature of a cable fault (Open or Short Circuit) and the distance to the fault. No need to read from complicated Graphical Screens, which are unnecessary for simple opens and shorts.

Extended Measuring Range to 2000m (6000ft) on all cable types
Unlike competitive instruments, the FaultCaster will operate to its full measurement range capability (2000m/6000ft) on all cable types. Many other instruments struggle to measure to a fraction of their capability when faced with high loss cable such as twisted pair and telephone wire.

Fast-Edge Step TDR Technology for improved range and resolution
The FaultCaster incorporates Fast-Edge Step TDR Technology. The fast rise time of the step-function test pulse gives better low range resolution, and the energy contained within the pulse ensures maximum range capability on all cables.

Built-in Cable Library of Common Cables
The FaultCaster contains a built-in library of common cable types that can be easily selected by the user. This removes the need to remember velocity of propagation information for different cables.

Selectable Velocity of propagation for cables not in library
For cables not listed in the internal library, the operator can manually select the Velocity of Propagation for the cable under test in the range of 0 to 99%.

Automatic compensation for cable impedance
The FaultCaster eliminates the need to select an impedance setting appropriate to the cable under test by means of automatic compensation.

Voltage Warning and Test Inhibit
The FaultCaster looks for live voltages on cables prior to testing, and in the event that it detects a voltage greater than approx. 10V it will warn the user and inhibit testing.

Incorporates a Tone Generator for use in cable tracing and identification
With a built in tone generator, injecting an oscillating signal between 810Hz and 1110Hz onto the cable under test, the operator can trace the cable using a standard tone probe. This function removes the need for a separate toner during cable tracing, which is both more convenient and cost effective.

Battery capacity indication upon power up
When the FaultCaster is switched on it automatically displays the percentage battery capacity remaining. This enables the operator to ensure sufficient battery life is available before embarking on a days testing.

Rugged and Compact at 350g (12oz) and Water & Dust Proof to IP54
Designed to withstand the harsh conditions associated with the on-site and field testing of cables.

Features, Advantages, Benefits

F Measures Distance to Open or Short Circuit Faults
Enables the user to locate the vast majority of cable faults.
Minimises usage requirement of higher cost Graphical TDR.

F Extended Measuring Range to 2000m (6000ft) on all cable types
Range is not reduced for common telephone cables or CAT5/6 twisted pair.
Enables fault location over greater distances than competing instruments.

F Fast-Edge Step TDR Technology
Improved range and resolution over conventional pulse TDR's.
More precise fault location and over longer distances.

F Built-in Cable Library of Common Cables
Eliminates the need to find and remember cable VOP's (Velocity of Propagation).
Simplifies Testing and saves tiime.

F Selectable Velocity of Propagation for cables not in library
Enables cables to be tested that are not in the library.
Ensures that all types of cable can be tested.

F Automatic compensation for cable impedance
Removes the need to know and set instrument to match cable impedance.
Simplifies testing and saves time.

F Voltage Warning and Test Inhibit
Warns the operator and inhibits testing if connected to a live cable.
Protects the operator against accidental exposure to live wires.

F Incorporates a 810/1110Hz warbling tone generator
Injected on to an installed cable for tracing with a standard inductive probe.
Enables cable tracing and identification.

F Can be used to measure the length of cable in a box or on a drum
Enables cable boxes and drums to be issued to appropriate runs.
Reduces cable wastage during the installation process.

F Indicates remaining battery capacity when switched on
Advises operator if batteries need replacing prior to commencing work.
Prevents inadvertent 'flat battery' condition and associated time wastage.

F Measures cable length in Metres and Feet
Results can be displayed in either unit of measurement according to users needs.
Ensures suitability of the product for domestic and international markets.

F Housed in self-extinguishing, flame retardant ABS case
The product will not catch light in case of massive overload.
In case of accidental connection to a HV supply the operator remains protected.

F Dust and Waterproof to IP54
Prevents dirt and water entering the instrument.
Enables the tester to operate and survive real field conditions.

F Switched Mode Power Supply and advanced Battery Management
100+ hours continuous use from 4 AA cells.
Increased battery life reduces the cost of ownership.

F Automatic power down
Instrument will automatically switch off after 3 minutes inactivity.
Conserves battery life.

F Manufactured to International Standards
Ensures Quality, Safety and Reliability.
Peace of mind for the discerning customer.



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