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The crazy thing about Structured Cable Testers
a short note on Wire Map Testers

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There are a variety of Structured Cable Testers, or Wire Map testers as they are often called, available on the market today offering a host of similar features. They are all generally able to advise the operator of common faults, such as shorts, opens and pair reversals, with some able to identify the more elusive split pair faults, and several able to measure the installed cable length.

What's so crazy?

The crazy thing is that with existing Structured Cabling Testers, having established that the installed network link is faulty; the operator has no idea where the fault lies. He has great detail as to what the fault is, which is actually largely irrelevant since all faults once located will require a complete re-termination of the associated connector, but with no idea which end is faulty where do you start looking?

What a waste of time!

So armed with a currently available Structured Cabling Tester, and having discovered, for example, that there is a short between wires 1 and 2, the installer sets about examining the termination at one end to find out if it is the faulty one.

Which end does he choose? Probably the one closest to him.

What are the chances of the fault being located first time? 50%, the fault is just as likely to be at the other end of the installed link.

What a solution!

With the new LanCaster and LanCaster ProST the problem all but goes away.

In the event of shorts or opens in the installed link, the most common mistake made when making a termination, the LanCaster not only indicates the nature of the fault, but it tells you which end it is at.

Knowing which end of the link is faulty enables the installer to go straight to it, saving vast amounts of time, increasing productivity, and reducing installation costs.



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